Common Problems Exist in Rotary Kiln


  Henan Zhengzhou Taida Metallurgy Equipment CO., LTDas a professional rotary kiln manufacturer explains the problems that may arise in the use of rotary kiln to you, so that the user is as a reference in the process of its use. 

   The operator should always understand and record the temperature of the parts of the kiln body of rotary kiln, and has a definite purpose. In addition, tooth of the big gear and small gear is good, with no deflection error of clearance, but also has the good lubrication condition to reduce consumption and noise of gear parts. Smooth and reliable operation of kiln body of rotary kiln rotation, cannot appear abnormal vibration. In the work of rotary kiln, the contact between the gear and the wheel is to be good, avoiding kiln jump up and down. Kiln wheel and kiln takes vertical state shape, tug bearing lubrication, no oil leakage and oil fault. The operating temperature of tug must not exceed 35 ℃, many users take immersion cooling method to cool tug, in fact, which is unscientific, and it is very easy to damage the surface of the tugboat work.

   At the same time, you should pay attention to that sealing of the kiln inlet and kiln must be good, and cannot contact friction and arise transmission components; motor and cooling device should be normal.

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