How to Fulfill the Energy Saving Aim of Metallurgy Rotary Kiln

With the increasing of energy and raw materials, more and more rotary kiln manufacturers pay more and more attention to saving energy technology. Here, Zhengzhou Taida will make elaborate analysis on how to save energy consumption of metallurgy rotary kiln.
The introduction of calcining system in metallurgy production system: after continuous development, the preheating effect of preheating system has been improved. After preheating, calcining process of lime gets finished in rotary kiln. Strong calcining can improve the activity of lime and decrease the staying period of raw materials in rotary kiln. Also, energy can be saved. By further optimized design, the weight of equipment got reduced, which will relieve the operating load.
The introduction of energy saving process in combustion device: fuels in metallurgy rotary kiln can be divided into four kinds, gas, solid, liquid and mixed fuel. Nowadays, many iron steel enterprises prefer to choose mines as proper places for active limestone project. There is almost no fuel gas source in these places. Therefore, coal powder becomes main fuel. Coal powder combustion device is widely applied. Four-pass coal powder is the most advanced. Compared with other combustor, it can save 3% to 5% heat consumption it can be concluded that the application of coal powder burner can save energy consumption.
3. The introduction of energy saving process in flue gas processing system of metallurgy rotary kiln: the recycling and utilization of heat energy at preheater’s outlet is very important to saving energy. Because heat energy of vertical preheater can be recycled, efficient heat exchanger is widely applied. It can not only increase the temperature of fuel, but also can save energy. Thus, we recommend customers to install an efficient heat exchanger in rotary kiln in order to energy utilization efficiency. 
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