What Are the Differences Between Industrial Kiln Furnace and Rotary Dryer?

Maybe for many customers, there is no big difference between industrial kiln furnace and rotary dryer. It is true that there are many similarities between rotary kiln and rotary dryer. There are also important differences between them. In order to solve your confusions, professional engineer from Zhengzhou Taida will explain you the differences clearly.
Although both rotary kiln and rotary dryer belong to drying machines, there exists essential difference between them (in structure, production process and applications)

The appearances of rotary kiln and rotary dryer are different.
rotary kiln dryer
industrial kiln furnace
Generally speaking, the diameter of rotary kiln is always longer than 10 while the diameter of rotary dryer is shorter than 8. That is to say rotary kiln is long and thin while rotary dryer is short and thick.
The technical processes of rotary kiln and rotary dryer are different.

Rotary dryer takes advantage of the rotation of cylinder and the scatter of screw lifting plate, which will achieve full and even drying effect. It is characterized by simple process and easy operation.
Rotary kiln is used to calcine materials and oxidize materials fully. Then, best chemical reaction can be got in order to meet demand of the whole production process. Generally, rotary kiln is always applied after classifier and magnetic separator in beneficiation production line. According to the materials to be roasted, rotary kiln can be divided into cement rotary kiln, limestone rotary kiln, metallurgy rotary kiln, chemical rotary kiln and etc. according to the quality of raw materials, rotary kiln can be divided into types, wet production method and dry production method.

The application fields of rotary kiln and rotary dryer are different.

Rotary kiln is also called calcining kiln or rotary drying kiln. It is mainly applied to materials which should be calcinied by high temperature. For example, rotary kiln is always applied to cement plant to calcine cement clinker, metallurgy industry to calcine various minerals. In industrial and mineral industry, all raw materials which need calcining process needs rotary kiln to fulfill production aim. This is the main application of rotary kiln. Rotary kiln is always applied for materials which need high-temperature process.
Rotary dryer is an important drying equipment in beneficiation production line. It is always used for drying of materials, especially mineral raw materials. rotary dryer is always applied after ball mill and floatation machine. It can also be used for the drying process of cement clinker, coal powder, mineral slag and etc.

The structures of rotary kiln and rotary dryer are different.

Rotary dryer adopts horizontal rotary cylinder. There are various shoveling plates welded in the inner part of rotary dryer. The rotation of rotary kiln is driven by transmission device and opinion. According to specific requests, you can choose to set refractory bricks in the internal part. In order to avoid shuffling, there is door ring and shoveling plate set at feed end. There is pulley used for support at the external part of rotary kiln.

After reading the detailed explanations about the differences between rotary kiln and rotary dryer, if you still cannot tell rotary kiln from rotary dryer, you can send us email at or call us at 0086-18539990967.
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