Famous Rotary Kiln Dryer Manufacturer-----Zhengzhou Taida helps you Solve Circle Forming Problem of Gypsum Cement Kiln

      Once put into production, gypsum cement kiln will be applied to cement production continuously. As time passes, there will be slurry at the surface at inside and outside of rotary kiln. Without prompt disposal, the slurry will become more and more. Accordingly, rotary kiln’s friction will be larger and larger in the running process, which will decrease the rotary speed. Normal production process will be seriously affected. How to deal with this kind of situation?

gypsum cement kiln
     It is a common phenomenon that there will be circle forming problem. Therefore, you don’t have to be too panic. You just need to find proper methods to solve the problem. First, operators should measure the size of slurry circle. According to the measured size, decide the amount of thin cement. Then, stop or reduce the raw materials sent to the rotary kiln. Add thin cement with proper ratio to the gypsum cement kiln. Let the rotary kiln rotate slowly in order to crush the slurry circle. For the slurry circle at external surface of gypsum cement kiln, operators should clean the external surface regularly in order to avoid the accumulation of rotary kiln and reduce influence to production.
   In the dealing process of slurry circle, there may be slurry-back problem arising. At this moment, operators should stop adding thin cement to the gypsum cement kiln at once. After a while,       
  Therefore, operators should carry out measures for problems arising in the production process in time in order to maintain efficient production and long service life. if you have any problems relevant to gypsum cement kiln, you can call us at 0086-18539990967 or send email to Zhengzhou Taida, as a professional industrial kiln supplier, is willing to provide you professional service and technical supports. 
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