How to Deal With the Red Kiln Phenomenon?

  Rotary kiln belongs to a kind of industrial kiln furnace which is widely applied to construction. According to different raw materials, rotary kiln can be classified into cement rotary kiln, metallurgy kiln and limestone kiln. During the operation process, red kiln always occurs. Many customers feel confused about this problem. Here, Zhengzhou Taida will explain you specifically and help you to deal with this problem properly.

industrial kiln furnace
Analysis of red kiln
Considering from outer appearance: There will be red zone which can be seen from outside, even brick falling phenomenon. Considering from surface temperature: operators should check rotary kiln’s surface temperature every one hour. If the surface temperature excesses 400 degrees, operator should adjust flame and observe carefully. When the surface temperature reaches to 400 to 600 degrees, you can see the color change of kiln body. If the color is dark red, that is so-called red kiln phenomenon. When the temperature of kiln body reaches to 650 degrees, the kiln body may be bright red and may be damaged owing to high temperature.
Reasons of red kiln
  1. The refractory bricks cannot meet the demands of industrial kiln furnace. With bad quality or without proper installation.
  2. Wrong operation processes, such as fast temperature increase;
  3. The rotary kiln skin is not installed well. Therefore, the kiln skin cannot work well to protect refractory bricks.
  4. Too much coal fed leads to high proportion of cyclone air and lead to red kiln or brick falling problem.
  5. Malfunction of kiln lining: improper rock setting method may lead to fall of kiln lining.
Method to deal with red kiln problem:
  1. Enhance the quality control and layout of refractory bricks;
  2. Carry out proper and right operation methods;
  3. Pay attention to the protection of rotary kiln skin.
  4. Add proper amount of coal in order to prevent quick temperature increase;
  5. Choose proper rock-setting method to guarantee the quality of rock-setting.
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