How to Guarantee the Efficient and Stable Running of Zinc Oxide Rotary Kiln

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Skills which can guarantee efficient and stable running of zinc oxide rotary kiln
  First, operators should crush the zinc materials and coke coal smaller than 40 meshes. Mix zinc and coke coal according to certain proportion. Make the mixture into 8 to 15 mm particles which will be put into zinc oxide rotary kiln for smelting. If the zinc oxide content is 15% to 25%, the coke consumption and zinc oxide will be greatly reduced.
zinc oxide rotary kiln
Specific requirements for the zinc oxide and moisture
  Moisture: 12% to 18%. The temperature of zinc oxide rotary kiln is hard to increase. Raw materials are easy to be made into balls and lumps. The temperature at kiln tail is easy to drop. Furnace gas and moisture will have influence in dust colleting efficiency and the service life of rotary kiln. If the moisture is too low, a great amount of slag and dust will be brought out. The final quality of zinc oxide will also be affected. Particle size: 5 to 15mm. if the particle size is too big, the contact area between zinc oxide and reducing agent will be not enough, which will have impact upon the reduction speed of metal. If gas permeability is not good, the reduction speed will also be affected. Meanwhile, a certain amount of dust will be brought into dust collecting system, which will affect the quality of smoke.
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