Taida Rotary Kiln Plays Important Role in Hazardous Wastes Disposal Process

What is hazardous wastes?
 The hazardous wastes refers to hazardous substances with corrosivity, poisonousness, reactiveness and infectivity. These wastes will cause serious damage to environment and human health. Therefore, these hazardous matters need to be specially disposed in order to prevent further damage. Incineration is commonly regarded as the most efficient method. Rotary kiln is a kind of main equipment which can be utilized to treat hazardous wastes. Taida Group will provide customers a series of technical answers for you to solve relevant problems arising from rotary kiln operation.
 hazardous wastes rotary kiln
Technical difficulties of applying rotary kiln to dispose hazardous wastes
1. It just takes off to apply rotary kiln to incinerate hazardous wastes. Without proper pretreatment, collected hazardous wastes are directly sent to cement factory. It becomes a very difficult problems for safe transportation and storage.
2. The thermal value and stability of some hazardous wastes differ much. In the disposal process, hazardous wastes are supposed to be incinerated completely. Meanwhile, thermal value contained in wastes should be effectively utilized. Before disposal, operators should have a rough understanding to kiln location and kiln mode.
3. Owing to complex ingredients contained in solid wastes and different calorific value, the temperature of rotary kiln is always unstable. There is a conflict between wastes disposal and kiln situation.
4. Hazardous wastes can be divided into more than 40 kinds. Many kinds of wastes will react with each other. Without proper operation, some extreme accidents may happen, such as explosion, heating and toxic gas. In the disposal process for hazardous wastes, operators should has a specific understanding to physical and chemical feature of wastes.
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