Industrial Waste Incineration Kiln


  Rotary incinerator is a widely used incineration equipment in the field of international industrial waste treatment, its market share in the field of industrial waste incineration is really high, As a specific area for burning hazardous wastes , the rotary incinerator has wide adaptability to complex industrial waste and medical waste.

Application Range:widely used in the field of industrial waste, medical waste, municipal solid waste, and so on.
Applicable Materials:Hazardous waste, sludge waste, oily sludge, industrial waste, PVC material, medical waste, municipal waste, and so on.
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Low energy consumption 

Our rotary kiln adopts reasonble running parameter; coal and electricity consumption can be 20% to 30% lower than common dryer. 

High output capacity 

Output capacity can be increased by more than 20%. Taida rotary kiln has been widely applied to mining and metallurgy industry. 

With high automation level 

The whole production line needs only one person to supervise. finished products can be directly packed and stored. 

More durable 

Service life can last for 8 to 10 years. with good maintenance, it can be used for longer time. 

With less quick-wear parts. 

Important parts adopt advanced thermal processing technology. Replace period  can reach 5000 hours. 

More environment friendly 

Adopts multi-class dust collecting method, clean exhaust gas emission can totally meet national standard. 

Working Principle

Technical Parameters

Hazardous waste rotary kiln for waste incinerationφ2.6m*13.2 technical parameter.
Inner diameter of shell 2600mm Shell length 13200mm
Downstream arrangement, that is, the direction of material flow is consistent with the direction of smoke flow, the angle of the kiln body is 1.5 degrees.
Variable frequency speed control of rotary kiln 0.1-2.2r/min
Drive mode Single side gear drive
Main Motor 30kw
Kiln temperature:850-1200 degree Surface temperature of kiln shell: 180 degree
Expansion mode Linear free expansion at both ends
Total equipment weight  approx. 54.5t
★ Customized waste incineration rotary kiln can be provided according to the customers' different industries

Applicable Materials

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Core Equipment