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Active Carbon Production Line

    Active carbon is produced by advanced process from superior coal, wood shaving, fruit shell, coconut shell and other similar materials. Active carbon production process contains carbonization, cooling and activation. Daily capacity of Taeda active carbon production lines ranges from 5t to 20t. We can also adjust production line configuration according to final product requirements so that to get particle, columnar and powder form active carbon product.

    Application:Suitable for producing active carbon from superior coal, wood shaving, fruit shell and coconut shell.

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Applicable material:



  As a kind of new purification material, active carbon is always used for water purification, air purification, toxic gas purification, exhaust gas disposal, gas desulfurization, gas deodorization and solution recycling. Active carbon production provided by Taeda Company mainly contains ①carbonization part (raw material crushing, drying, carbonization and cooling); ②activation part (raw material disposal, activation and cooling); ③ other auxiliary equipment. Taeda active carbon production line is suitable for producing wood-base/coal-base/fruit-shell active carbon from coal, wood shaving, fruit shell, coconut shell and other similar materials.

Applicable raw material for Taeda active carbon production line:

Wood-base active carbon: take wood shaving and charcoal as raw material

Fruit shell active carbon: take nut shell as raw material

Coal-base active carbon take lignite, peat coal, bituminous coal and anthracite coal as raw material

Regenerated active carbon: take used active carbon as raw material

Working principle:

Active Carbon Production Process Chart and Working Principle


Carbonization Part

Carbonization part mainly contains silo, conveyor, feeder, rotary carbonization furnace, exhaust gas disposal system, burner, output cooling conveyor, control cabinet and fan.

Raw material process flow: wood/fruit shells are sent to feeding chamber of carbonization furnace through conveyor. Feeder will send raw materials inside rotary drum of carbonization furnace. Under the function of screw moving, materials will be brought to lifting plates. Heat will be transferred by rotary drum. After passing by preheating and drying section, materials enter carbonization stage. During whole process, materials particle will contact with heat, which proceed carbonization process. Moisture and volatile matters are discharged out and final product will be discharged from outlet.

Gas process flow: Volatile gas produced from carbonization furnace will be burnt in combustion room and rotary drum will be heated. Flue gas after exchanging heat will be discharged from chimney.

Activation part

Activation part contains silo, activation furnace, steam pipe, exhaust heat boiler, transmission device, temperature measuring device, cooling device, settling chamber, dust collector and fan.

Material process flow: Carbonized materials below than 2mm will be screened out and moisture shall be lower than 15%. At this moment, materials will be sent to silo of activation part through elevator. Materials will be uniformly sent to activation furnace. Before feeding, exhaust heat temperature should reach higher than 800℃. Proper amount of oxygen shall be sent inside furnace through blower. Then, turn on steam and send proper amount of steam to furnace for activation. Steam should penetrate active carbon. For producing 1-t active carbon product, there should be 2-t steam sent inside furnace. The steam at this moment cannot be diffused steam, otherwise ignition loss rate will be high and activation efficiency/quality will not be so good. Along with the drum rotation, materials move to preheating zone. When material temperature increase to 800materials will enter activation zone. After contacting and reacting with vapor, material temperature will increase fast (about 900 to 1050). The period materials contact with steam is called activation period. According to temperature and oxygen supply amount, activation period ranges from 25 to 40. That is to say materials move forward along with drum rotation in the speed of 6m/h. Once entering cooling section, materials will enter discharging pipe and temperature at this moment is about 500 to 600. Temperature will drop to about 200 when materials pass by discharging pipe. Then, materials will slide to other water cooling machine out of activation furnace automatically.

Gas process flow: There is settling chamber set at furnace tail and there are four functions for the settling chamber. First function is to preheat exhaust heat boiler. Second function is to settle dust. Third function is to prevent pipe from freezing while steam is on. Fourth function is to burn flue gas and reduce black smoke. Heat produced by flue gas can be fully recycled. There is exhaust heat boiler set behind settling chamber and it is used to make use of 800 exhaust heat to produce steam which will be used for activation. There is induced draft fan set behind boiler and it is used for sucking high temperature tail gas in boiler to exhaust heat boiler. After sending to pulse bag filter, flue gas will be discharged up to standard.

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Project case:
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      Azerbaijian Carbonization System

      This project takes fruit kernel as raw material to produce shisha. Carbon content of product is over 95%. Whole system contains dryer, carbonization, cooling, crushing and briquetting.

      Raw material: fruit kernel

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      Peru Gold Active Carbon Activation

      Gold ore holds strict requirement for Methylene blue value and Iodine value. Peru project adopts steam physical activation method and realizes self-sufficient ideal situation.

      Raw material: coconut shell carbon

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