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Carbon Black Equipment

Carbon Black Granulator

    Carbon black granulator is a kind of wet type continuous granulating machine mainly designed for carbon black industry. Adding additives is not a must step. Relying on strong stirring and degasification function, carbon black powder will be twisted and extruded into granule product. It can be used individually or matched with mixer. Taeda can provide carbon black granulator without thermal insulation jacket or with steam thermal insulation jacket. 

    Application:Used for granulating work of spraying carbon black, furnace black, gas black, pyrolysis carbon black, graphite and carbon nanotubes


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No Dust Leak During Production Process

8D carbon black granulator is wet type, negative pressure and continuous granulationg machine. There is no dust leak out during granulating process. If system is equipped with exhaust gas dust collecting unit, dust content can be futher decreased and working environment can be maintained well.

Final Product With Good Appearance and Easy to Control

Final granule products hold uniform shape. Roundness of granule product is ≥0.8 and particle size ranges from 0.7 to 1.5mm. Product particle size can be properly adjusted through material moisture content and main shaft rotation speed.

Controllable Parameter and Strong Granulating Force

Final granulating effiiency is not lower than 90%. Powder materials are forced to agglomerate globular particles by high speed of transmission component. Compared with common granulating machine( disc granulator and rotary granulator), final product from Taeda wet type granulator holds uniform particle size distribution and better strength.

Less Impurity and Less Additive

Granulating work is done through physical principle, which makes carbon black powder strongly mix and stick with water. Adding chemical additive is no longer a must step.

Working principle:

  Carbon black granulator is wet type granulating machine designed by Taeda for carbon black industry. It is a kind of equipment used to produce particle material from powder. Final product from Taeda carbon black granulator holds proper strength, suitable uniformity, good hardness and less dust content. It is widely applied in carbon black granulating process and enjoys great popularity among  customers. 

  This series carbon black granulator makes materials fully mix with additive and water through quick and even stirring relying on which particle products are formed. According to feature of different material, pin mix numbers, pin mix arrangement mode and shaft rotation speed can be adjusted to adapt to various working condition. 


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Project case:
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    Kunming Carbon Black Proje

    Annual capacity of Kunming carbon black granulating project is 1.5t/year. Product size is about 1.5mm. Whole system contains granulator, dryer, screening and packing.

    Raw material: carbon black

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    Poland Carbon Black Production Line

    Poland carbon black production line is designed according to CE standard and with 20,000 annual capacity. Whole line consists of granulator, carbon black granulator and screening machine.

    Raw material: carbon black

Working parameter:
Model DiameterPowerCapacity(m3/h)Steam jacketSpraying unitWeight(t)
8D30030030kw1.13Optional4 Group1.2
Applicable material:

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