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Carbon Black Equipment

Carbon Black Dryer

    Carbon black dryer is also called carbon black granule dryer which is specially designed for drying granulated carbon black. It can reduce moisture of carbon black particle from 50% to 1%. Its diameter ranges from 1200mm to 2200mm. Taeda carbon black dryer is classified into direct heating and indirect heating type. 

    Application:mainly used for drying granulated carbon black granules.


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No Dust Pollution During Drying Process

No matter for direct or indirect heating carbon black dryer, Taeda fully takes carbon black flying dust matter into consideration so that to reduce dust pollution and maintain clean working environment.

Final Product With Guaranteed Quality

According to customer demand, we can provide working condition with oxygen or lack oxygen  atmosphere for customers option. Final moisture will not exceed 1%. Taeda carbon black dryer holds great adaptability for feeding moisture.

Large Capacity and Considerable Profit

Taeda carbon black dryer holds high working efficiency and large capacity. It can meet customers' requirement for capacity and creat higher profit.

Working principle:


Delivery display:
 炭黑造粒机发货现场    炭黑造粒机发货现场    炭黑造粒机发货现场    炭黑造粒机发货现场
Project case:
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    Kunming Carbon Black Proje

    Annual capacity of Kunming carbon black granulating project is 1.5t/year. Product size is about 1.5mm. Whole system contains granulator, dryer, screening and packing.

    Raw material: carbon black

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    Poland Carbon Black Production Line

    Poland carbon black production line is designed according to CE standard and with 20,000 annual capacity. Whole line consists of granulator, carbon black granulator and screening machine.

    Raw material: carbon black

Working parameter:
Heating modeDirect heatingIndirect heatingManufacturerTexture
ModelMGT1200MGT1800ICA/OSB1.5ICA/OSB2.2taedaCarbon steel/304/310/316
Heat sourceNatural gas/diesel/LPGtaeda
Hot air contactDirectDirectIndirect/indirect+direct中联泰达
Production capacity1t/h3t/h1t/h3t/htaeda
Evaporation capacity0.5t/h1.5t/h0.5t/h1.5t/h中联泰达
Applicable material:

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