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Carbon Black Equipment

Carbon Black Grinding Mill

    Carbon black grinding machine is used to grind carbon black into powder and adjust carbon black quality. It is also called micro powder grinding machine which is developed based on years' innovation and test. Carbon black grinding machine is characterized by stable quality, convenient operation and simple maintenance. It is widely applied in various carbon black industry. Its capacity ranges from 0.5 to 5t/h and diameter of grinding ring ranges from 800 to 1680mm.  

    Application:Suitable for grinding carbon black materials lower than 20mm.


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1、Low energy consumption: carbon black grinding machine is developed based on three-ring medium speed micro powder mill principle. It is designed according to carbon black development trend and market demand. We absorb advanced technology and designs this carbon black grinding machine which integrates centrifuge crushing, impact crushing and extruding crushing into one body. Compared with other grinding machine, its energy consumption is 40% less. 

2、High finess: matched with self-distribution classification system, product finess is not large than 325mesh (Raymond mill can only grind materials to 300mesh or lower). 

3、Wide feeding range: feeding size≤20mm; material only need to be coarsely crushed before entering grinding mill. 

4、Low abrasion: quick wear parts for crushing component adopt compound alloy abrasion-resistant material, which makes grinding mill hold longer service life. 

5、High automatic level, stable performance and simple operation. 

Working principle:


Delivery display:
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Project case:
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    Kunming Carbon Black Proje

    Annual capacity of Kunming carbon black granulating project is 1.5t/year. Product size is about 1.5mm. Whole system contains granulator, dryer, screening and packing.

    Raw material: carbon black

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    Poland Carbon Black Production Line

    Poland carbon black production line is designed according to CE standard and with 20,000 annual capacity. Whole line consists of granulator, carbon black granulator and screening machine.

    Raw material: carbon black

Working parameter:
Grinding ring diameter(mm)800900100012501680
Grinding ring (Layer)33445
Grinding roller(pcs)18-2124-2928-3630-4030-40
Shaft rpm(rpm)230-240200-220180-200135-155120-130
Feeding size(mm)≤20≤20≤20≤20≤20
Product size(μm/mesh)74-5
Overall dimension(L*W*H)13.9*4*6.214.7*4.8*7.218*4.6*8.614*19*10.2526.3*7.5*11.9
Applicable material:

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