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External Heating Kiln

Protective Atmosphere External Heating Kiln

    Protective atomesphere external heating rotary kiln is developed based on Taeda TDICA indirect heating rotary kiln. It adopts special seal structure. It is new generation external heating kiln installed with protective gas pipe, observation window and instrument. It is always used for anaerobic reaction environment. It always works under 400 to 1050℃ high temperature condition. It is widely applied for calcining and providing high temperature environment for particle, powder and other materials with high added value. 

    Application:Used for indirect heating and calcining process of catalysts, precious metals, electrodes, chemicals, new materials, powders, granular materials and etc.


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With Protective Gas Atmosphere

It can use inert gas, CO2 and steam as protection gas, which expands its application range and guarantees good processing effect. Taeda can provide tailor made protection gas solutions based on different gas features, which makes it well received among customers.

External Heating Structure and No Direct Contact with Flame

Heat source and electricity heating unit is placed at outer heating chamber. Heat will be transferred to rotary drum through radiation, conduction and convection. Materials will not directly contact flue gas/flame. Whole production process consumes less energy and holds high safety ratio.

Less Quick Wear Parts and Easy Maintain

Heating chamber adopts two-stage assembly design which provides convenience for maintenance and disassembly. Superior heating components holds longer service life. There are various layout mode available, parallel type, side-mounted type and drawer-type, easy to replace and less malfunction point. It is a representative for Taeda's effort for humanization design.

Closed Working System and No Pollution

Taeda TDICA-P series furnace is indirect heating rotary furnace where materials move in inner tube. Indirect heat transfer and closed system causes no pollution to environment and prevents pollution caused to materials. It holds high recycling rate and causes less impurities to final product.

Automatic Control and Require Less Labor Force

Feeding silo and feeder adopt instant speed control so that to guarantee continuous operation. It adopts multiple-temperature and multiple pressure point supervision.  Blower, induced draft fan, protection gas openness and pressure can be automatically controlled. No need paper recording makes easy transition for working shifts.

Working principle:


Delivery display:
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Project case:
  • Korea New Material Calcining Kiln

    Korea New Material Calcining Kiln

    This new new magnetic powder calcining line adopts natural gas as heat source and with ±50℃ temperature control precision, which represent Taeda machine high standard and quality index.

    Raw material: Lithium iron phosphate

  • Shanxi Magnetic Powder Roasting Kiln

    Shanxi Magnetic Powder Roasting Kiln

    This new new magnetic powder calcining line adopts natural gas as heat source and with ±50℃ temperature control precision, which represent Taeda machine high standard and quality index.

    Raw material: Magnetic powder

Working parameter:
Rated temperature≤1100℃
Heating zone1-31-31-31-31-31-31-31-31-31-3
Protection atmosphereInert gas/CO2
Heat-resistant component304/316/310+Heat-resistant allogy electrical heating component
Production capacity ~80L/h120L/h300L/H480L/H700L/H1000L/H1500L/H2000L/H2500L/H3000L/H
Applicable material:

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