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External Heating Kiln

Gas External Heating Calcining Kiln

    Gas external heating calcining kiln mainly works for calcining and roasting. It is a continuous external heating rotary kiln which takes gas as heating source. Its working temperature can be regulated and highest working temperature can reach 1100℃. It holds wide application. Standard model of Taeda gas external heating kiln ranges from 0.5-m-diameter to 2.2-m-diameter. It is featured in good performance, multiple function and large capacity. 

    Application:Widely applied for chemical industry, new material, metallurgy, noble metal, rare earth and new energy industry.


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External Heating Structure and No Direct Contact with Flame

ICA-G series external heating furnace takes gas (natural gas, LPG, combustible gas and bigas) as heat source. Gas will be burnt in heating chamber and heat will be transferred to rotary kiln shell through radiation, conduction and convection. Materials will not directly contact with flue gas or flame. Whole working process consumes less energy and holds high safety level.

Ratio-regulating Burner Adjust Working Temperature Smoothly

ICA-G furnace is suitable for large scale continuous production line. Heat source part is controlled by switch-button control cabinet or PLC. There are multi-groups of burner adopting ratio-regulating. Working temperature and heat can be smoothly adjusted. According to production process, specific working temperature and calcining time can be flexibly adjusted.

Less Quick Wear Parts and Easy Maintain

Heating chamber adopts two-stage assembly design which provides convenience for maintenance and disassembly. Superior heating components holds longer service life. There are various layout mode available, parallel type, side-mounted type and drawer-type, easy to replace and less malfunction point. It is a representative for Taeda's effort for humanization design.

Closed Working System and No Pollution

Taeda TDICA furnace is indirect heating rotary furnace where materials move in inner tube. Indirect heat transfer and closed system causes no pollution to environment and prevents pollution caused to materials. It holds high recycling rate and causes less impurities to final product.

Automatic Control and Require Less Labor Force

Feeding silo and feeder adopt instant speed control so that to guarantee continuous operation. It adopts multiple-temperature and multiple pressure point supervision.  Blower, induced draft fan, protection gas openness and pressure can be automatically controlled. No need paper recording makes easy transition for working shifts.

Scientific Design Layout Guarantees Reliable Operation

Furnace door of burner adopts quick-open structure and there is observation window and inspection door set at both sides of combustion room, which provides convenience for supervising external heating running status. It can be designed into both single body heating zone and multi-chamber heating zone divided by fire-proof modular. Taeda TDICA furnace makes it come true to realize multiple temperature process curve in one single body.

Working principle:


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Project case:
  • Korea New Material Calcining Kiln

    Korea New Material Calcining Kiln

    This new new magnetic powder calcining line adopts natural gas as heat source and with ±50℃ temperature control precision, which represent Taeda machine high standard and quality index.

    Raw material: Lithium iron phosphate

  • Shanxi Magnetic Powder Roasting Kiln

    Shanxi Magnetic Powder Roasting Kiln

    This new new magnetic powder calcining line adopts natural gas as heat source and with ±50℃ temperature control precision, which represent Taeda machine high standard and quality index.

    Raw material: Magnetic powder

Working parameter:
Rated temperature≤1100℃
Heating zone1-31-31-31-31-31-31-31-3
Heat output(104kCal)24-4532-6036-7060-10065-12085-160100-180120-220
Power source380V 50HZ
Production capacity300L/H480L/H700L/H1000L/H1500L/H2000L/H2500L/H3000L/H
Applicable material:

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