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Active Carbon Equipment

Activation Rotary Kiln

    AGK activation furnace is a kind of continuous activation equipment which makes use of physical activation method to produce superior active carbon product from carbon product. It is widely applied for activation wood material (sawdust, coconut shell, rice husk, straw, hazelnut shell, nut shell and fruit shell ) and coal base carbon.  It adopts steam as activation medium. Under high temperature environment, steam can fully contact with materials to be activated. Final product from AGK activation furnace holds good inded and can be widely applied for water purification industry. 

    Application:Widely applied for activation of wood-base carbon, coal-base carbon and fruit kernel carbon.


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Full Steam Activation Atmosphere

Taeda activation furnace adopt full steam atmosphere which improves activation effect. Activation furnace adopt superior processing craft and design which makes body heat resistant and corrosion resistant. As professional manufaturer, we can provide customers with 3 year warranty.

Continuous Running and Large Scale Production

Activation furnace makes use physical method (high temperature+steam) TO activate carbon materials. It is featured in large capacity (2t/5t/10t/15t/30t capacity per day). Product index like Methylene blue number and Iodine value are up to standard.

Simple Operation and Less Labor Force

Taeda activation furnace is easy to control. By adopting control cabinet and PLC, it holds high automation level. We can provide professional training to operator so that customers can grasp operation skills in time.

Working principle:


Delivery display:
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Project case:
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    Azerbaijian Carbonization System

    This project takes fruit kernel as raw material to produce shisha. Carbon content of product is over 95%. Whole system contains dryer, carbonization, cooling, crushing and briquetting.

    Raw material: fruit kernel

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    Peru Gold Active Carbon Activation

    Gold ore holds strict requirement for Methylene blue value and Iodine value. Peru project adopts steam physical activation method and realizes self-sufficient ideal situation.

    Raw material: coconut shell carbon

Working parameter:
ModelCapacityPowerTransmission motorOverall dimension(L×W×H)
TDAGK0.6300-5005.5Frequency conversion and speed regulation10*1.1*1.2
Applicable material:

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