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Biomass Carbonizer

Biomass Carbonizer


TDICA continuous carbonization furnace is a kind of machine which carries dry distill and oxygen-free activation process for charcoal (granular; smaller than 15mm) produced from wood shavings, peanut shell, straw, tree bark, coconut shell and palm shell. 

Application Range:Processing of Wood, wood shavings, rice husk, coconut shell and etc.

Applicable Materials:wood shavings, peanut shell, straw, tree bark and other wooden carboniferous materials


1. Simple structure, long service life, stable operation, high heat transfer efficiency, low heat consumption,
2. Advanced sealing technology and device, stable operation, high output characteristics.
3.  With automatic temperature control system, temperature alarm, computer can control temperature precisely; Seal heads for feeding and discharging holds long service life and can realize exhaust heat utilization.
4. TDICA activation furnace holds high automation level; it can realize unattended operation. Operators with certain degree culture need no special training. 
5. Compared with similar machines, TDICA is characterized by low energy consumption, high output capacity and less pollution. 
6. TDICA can realize continuous production. 

biomass carbonization and reutilization

Working Principle

Working temperature of TDICA activation furnace can reach 600 to 1050 degrees. With special advantages such as low energy consumption, high output capacity, good quality and stable performance, it can be widely applied to medicine, environment protection and household fields. 
Raw material to be activated will be sent to activation furnace by conveying system. Under the free-oxygen and hot condition in activation furnace, raw materials will set off activation reaction with steam. Along with continuous rotation of activation drum, activated carbon after physical activation process will be sent to discharging end. Finished activated carbon will be conveyed to finished products bin by cooler or discharging screw. 

working principle of carbonization furnace

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Technical Parameters

   Model Output Capacity (kg/h) Power
Driving motor 
Overal Dimensions (L×W×H)
TDICA0.6 300-500 5.5
Frequency control
TDICA0.8 400-600 7.5 12*1.3*1.5
TDICA1.0 500-800 11 12*1.5*1.7
TDICA1.2 700-1200 15 14*1.7*1.8
TDICA1.5 1000-1500 18.5 14*2*2.2
TDICA1.6 1500-1800 22 17*2.1*2.2
TDICA1.8 1800-2500 30 20*2.3*2.5
TDICA2.0 2700-3200 37 20*2.5*2.7
TDICA2.2 3200-4000 45 20*2.7*2.8
TDICA2.5 4000-5000 55 20*3*3.1
TDICA3.0 5000-6000 75 20*3.5*3.8

Core Equipment

Applicable Materials

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