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Cement Rotary Kiln Production Site in Hunan Province, China

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Processed materials: mineral powder such as chromium, iron and etc.
Output capacity: 170 to 10000 t/h
Equipment configuration: cement dryer, cement grinder, raw material grinding mill, rod mill and conveyor;

 cement rotary kiln production site
Production introduction
Cement rotary kiln equipment is a set of main equipment applied to calcining cement clinker. This production line can adopt dry type rotary kiln in order to make raw material into dry powder whose moisture content is often lower than 1%. Therefore, compared with wet type rotary kiln, it can reduce the thermal amount for evaporation. Under high temperature condition, cement rotary kiln will rotate slowly with alternating overloading. The maintenance and thermal regulation will greatly affect the production safety and efficiency. The key maintenance steps of transmission device are lubrication, running condition, dynamic check and gear engagement. Cement rotary kiln holds many advantages such as simple structure, stable running process, and stable production process. What’s more, with stable thermal regulation, the running efficiency gets greatly improved. Compared with similar kiln equipment, its running efficiency is improved by 10% and output capacity is improved by 5% to 10%. Thermal consumption is reduced by 15%.
Customer feedback
This cement rotary kiln plant, as a important industrial kiln furnace, is one of the most important building projects. The completion of this project is not only the need of municipal development, but also speeds up the development of building industry in this area. This project will become a model for its energy saving advantage. After being calcined by rotary kiln, cement can be widely applied to building industry and other relevant industries. 

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