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Cement Mill

Cement Mill


 mainly consists of cylinder, lining plate, shifting board, main bearing, feeding and discharging device and driving device. 

Application Range:cement, steel slag, limestone, limestone, gold, gold ore, coal mud, mineral powder, slag and other materials.

Applicable Materials:mainly used in grinding of cement finished product and materials, also to the metallurgical, chemical, electricity and other industries.




Simple structure, stable operation 

Engergy saving

Large output capacity 

Long service life

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Working Principle

cement ball mill supplier

Cement ball mill is mainly consisting of feeding device, big gear, discharge device, cylinder, diaphragm plate, hollow shaft, liner, drive device and other components.
When mill cylinder is driven to rotate by the transmission device, the abrasive body is attached to the lining surface of the inner wall of the mill cylinder due to the action of inertial centrifugal force, and is rotated to a certain height, and then freely falls by gravity. At this time, the grinding body crushes the material in the cylinder, and at the same time, the grinding body has a rising and falling circular motion in the rotating mill, causing sliding and rolling, causing grinding between the grinding body, the lining plate and the material to be ground to make the material Grinding.

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Technical Parameters

Specifications(m) Type Transmission mode Reducer  Motor power(kw) Capacity (t/h) Weight(t)
Model Speed ratio
φ1.5×5.7 Open-flow Margin ZD40 3.55 130 4.5-6 25.8
φ1.83×6.4 Open-flow Margin ZD60 4.5 210 7.5-15 43
φ2.2×6.5 Circle-flow Margin ZD70 5 380 14-26 60
Margin ZD70 5 475 24-28 81
φ2.4×10 Circle-flow  Margin ZD80-4-Ⅱ 6.435 570 32-36 118
φ2.6×10 Circle-flow Margin JDX710 6.3 800 45-50 130
φ3×9 Open-flow Margin JDX800 6.3 1000 55-60 158
φ3.2×9 Circle-flow Margin MBY900 7.1 1250 62-65 195
φ3.5×10 Open-flow Margin JDX900 5.84 1250 70-75 200
φ3.8×7.5 Circle-flow Margin JDX900 5.6 1600 80 233
φ4.6×10+3.5 Circle-flow Center  JQS3550 15.1 3550 190 415
φ4.6×10.5+3.5 Circle-flow Center  JQS3550 15.1 3550 210 476

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Applicable Materials

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