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Calcium Aluminate Kiln

    Major function of calcium aluminate rotary kiln is to process calcium aluminate. Calcium aluminate powder is a kind of high-aluminum clinker. In addition to being used in cement industry, it has been widely used inwater purifying agent production industry in recent years. Production process is:high-grade bauxite and calcium carbonate ore pass through crushing, drying, grinding, calcining and grinding. Taeda calcium aluminate rotary kiln is one of core equipment in this process.

    Application:Applied for clinker and water purifier industry for calcining calcium aluminate, calcium ore, aluminum hydroxide, clinker, bauxite and other materials.


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Simple Structure and Reliable Running
Taeda calcium aluminate rotary kiln is featured in simple structure and stable running and production process is easy to control.

Wide Application Range
Taeda calcium aluminate rotary kiln can be widely applied in various industries like construction, chemical industry, environmental protection and sewage disposal.

Great Adaptabilit to Various Materials
Applied for clinker and water purifier industry for calcining calcium aluminate, calcium ore, aluminum hydroxide, clinker, bauxite and other materials.

Working principle:


  Calcium aluminate rotary kiln mainly includes kiln body, supporting device, supporting device with blocking wheel, transmission device, movable kiln head, kiln tail sealing device, combustion device and other components. 

  Raw materials will be fed into kiln end through belt scale, belt coveyor, stability bunker, storage, air-lock valve. There is only stable material storage equipped at kiln end in order to reduce investment. After entering calcium aluminate rotary kiln, iron ore will be heated first. Raw ore will move towards in the opposite direction of hot air in kiln. In heating area, raw ore will be heated to certain temperature and enter to reduction area. The central temperature of flame should be controlled at about 1000 degree. The temperature of hot air in reduction area should be controlled at about 700 degree and react with reduced coal gas. After that, hot air will enter cooling area and meet with coal gas which will be preheated. After being cooled, mineral ore will be discharged out of the calcium aluminate rotary kiln. After being water cooled, materials will be sent to storage for being chosen.

Delivery display:
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Project case:
  • 回转窑生产现场

    Jinan Lime Kiln Production Line

    Attracted by lime rotary kiln manufactured by Zhengzhou Taida, Jinan customer purchased a whole set of lime rotary kiln calcining machine to fulfill final production aim.

    Raw material: Lime
    Output capacity:350t/d

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    10TPH Russia Gypsum Production Site

    Gypsum for is with high moisture. For guaranteeing smooth feeding, there is a certain inclination of feeding end for gypsum kiln. Whole line contains burner, rotary kiln and exhaust disposal.

    Raw material:Phosphaste gypsum
    Output capacity:1-10T/H

Working parameter:
Model Capacity(t/d)Support roller (Group)GearboxMotorPower(kW)
Ø2.2×38m 150 ZS125-5 YVF2-225M-4 45
Ø2.5×40m 200 ZS145-5 YVF2-250M-4 55
Ø2.8×43m 230 ZS165-6 YVF2-280S-4 75
Ø3.0×50m 250 ZS165-3 YVF2-280M-4 90
Ø3.2×50m 300 ZL130-16 YVF2-315L2-6 132
Ø3.6×55m 450 ZSY560-63 YVF2-355M1-6 160
Ø3.8×58m 550 ZSY560-63 YVF2-355M2-6 185
Ø4.0×60m 700 ZSY630-35.5 YVF2-355M4-6 200

Applicable material:

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