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Active Carbon Equipment

Active Carbon Crusher

    In active carbon production process, active carbon crusher is always used to crush large particle size active carbon into 1-8mm small particles. With double roll structure, it holds large capacity and good pass-through performance. It can effectively avoid over crushing situation. Taeda active carbon crusher is a set of equipment with good performance and strong function. 

    Application:Used to crush carbon and active carbon materials into 1-8mm small particle.


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1、Active carbon crusher can be used to crush active carbon particle into 1 to 10mm size. It can be matched with screen machine to sieve different specification products.

2、High capacity and high efficiency makes Taeda active carbon crusher different from other crushing machine. During working process, it will cause almost no flying dust and over crushing.

3、By adopting new structure, service life of crushing roller is long and no need to replace during using period.

4、This is a set of superior quality crushing equipment in terms of structure and configuration. Taeda active carbon crusher hold guaranteed quality and provide customers with satisfying effect.

Working principle:


Delivery display:
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Project case:
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    Azerbaijian Carbonization System

    This project takes fruit kernel as raw material to produce shisha. Carbon content of product is over 95%. Whole system contains dryer, carbonization, cooling, crushing and briquetting.

    Raw material: fruit kernel

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    Peru Gold Active Carbon Activation

    Gold ore holds strict requirement for Methylene blue value and Iodine value. Peru project adopts steam physical activation method and realizes self-sufficient ideal situation.

    Raw material: coconut shell carbon

Working parameter:
Roller diameter(mm)400610750
Roller length(mm)250400500
Feeding size(mm)≤25≤40≤60
Output size(mm)1-81-201-30
Production capacity(t/h)5-1013-4020-55
Roller number222
Roller rpm(r/min)1807595
Applicable material:

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