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Customer from Nigeria Inspects Gypsum Rotary Kiln at Zhengzhou Taida Group in China

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   At the afternoon of 25th, December in 2017, it started to snow heavily in Zhengzhou city. The customer from Nigeria arrives at Henan Taida group in the night. He felt very happy on seeing snow which is rare in his country.
gypsum rotary kiln

gypsum rotary kiln maufacturer in China
   After times’ research and inspection, the customer got to know that Zhengzhou Taida group ranks on top in Henan Province even in China at rotary kiln equipment. The customer from Nigeria came to our factory with his raw materials in order to witness the effect of our rotary kiln machine. The raw materials are desulfurized gypsum. After being processed by gypsum rotary kiln produced by Zhengzhou Taida group, the gypsum will be used for building industry. As the leader in rotary kiln production, Zhengzhou Taida holds rich practical experience in calcining lime and relevant materials. The technology developed and adopted by Zhengzhou Taida takes in the leading place. In the process of communicating with customer, we found that there is a large potential market in Nigeria. After reasonable design, gypsum production line cannot only achieve ideal production, but also meet strict environmental protection standards with almost no pollution. Although the time for testing is limited, the customer has given great affirmation to our equipment. This testing run has not only enriched the practical experience, but also improve the precise design of gypsum rotary kiln. The customer is very satisfied with the complete layout design, personnel allocation, production process and sales experience. He finally signed commercial contract and proforma invoice with us the same day.
gypsum rotary kiln manufacturer in China
   In this day, international trade department of Taida Group get the satisfaction of customer with considerate service. Also, the customer gives his good feedback which witnesses the profession of Taida Group and its personnel.Zhengzhou Taida group, as a professional manufacturer, always put people at first place. We maximum the interests of customer with precise technology and complete design. If you are interested in our rotary kiln or you have problems about rotary kiln, you can call our international sales hotline: 0086-18539990967 or send email to info@tdaxy.com 

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