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Improvement Operation for the deformation of kiln outlets

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There are six aspects to improve the deformation of rotary kiln outlets.
Owing to lack of protective measures, the kiln outlets always deform. After many times’ improvement and analysis of professional engineers, performance and quality of kiln have been improved greatly. Here are specific improvement methods for rotary kiln:
1.     Longer guard board; adopt double-row bolt to fix connection and enhance the strength and rigidness;
2.     Increase the thickness of kiln outlets; the texture can be structure steel and boil steel;
3.     Increase solid circles for inner outlet of rotary kiln in order to strengthen the rigidness and strength of kiln cylinder;
4.     Make use of super strong refractory materials; implement construction meticulously; maintain in time in order to highlight the special qualities of rotary kiln; improve stabilities, abrasion-resistance and fall-off resistance;
5.     Decide proper firing zone position; change coal pipe position in double-pass regularly; reduce air leakage; make sure the balance of emission and secondary air. Repair and change the damage of material-collection system and guard board.
6.     Under necessary circumstances, you can protect kiln outlet by controlling strong cold air.
Operation measures mentioned above can double the lifespan of material collection system and kiln cylinder, which shows the protection methods for rotary kiln we provide are very effective.

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