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Taida to Shanxi For Magnetic Material Rotary Kiln Inspection

Source:Zhengzhou Taida     Time:2019-06-06    点击率:35

      With great popularity and website profession, Zhengzhou Taida wins preference from Shanxi Magnetic industry. After preliminary communication, we got to know that this customer is using a set of rotary calcination kiln at present. But, it cannot reach ideal output capacity and calcining effect. Therefore, they refer to us for magnetic powder rotary calcination kiln equipment.

rotary calcination kiln equipment manufacturer

      In order to know working situation and layout mode requirement, under the warm invitation from customer, we, Zhengzhou Taida went to Shanxi for inspection. Attached with picture of the inspection site of rotary kiln equipment.
      After careful inspection, we reached to a modification agreement. Successful cooperation is in the corner. Please follow us at Taida rotary calcination kiln themed website: http://www.rotary-dryer.org /.

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