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Russia W-concentrates calcination Customer Asks Taida for Help

Source:Zhengzhou Taida     Time:2018-12-14    点击率:35

Customer is from a Russian company specialized in hard metal manufacturing business. Scheelite concentrate is main raw materials for Tungsten smelting. In order to remove the flotation agent, this customer has inquired many manufactures at home and abroad. Attached with picture of raw material. As a professional and historic rotary kiln equipment supplier in China, Zhengzhou Taida is also chosen to provide proper proposal.

rotary kiln equipment supplier in china

 According to customer’s requirement, we got to know that input capacity is 500kg/h and calcination temperature should be maintained at about 650 degrees. Total retention time cannot exceed 2 hours and tail gas should be disposed properly. Zhengzhou Taida professional sales manager communicated with customer for rotary kiln production process at once. Unique calcination process of Zhengzhou Taida rotary kiln supplier deeply attracts customer’s attention. At present, we are in smooth technical process. For more details, please follow us at Zhengzhou Taida rotary kiln themed website: http://www..rotary-dryer.org/

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