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The Influence of Rotary Kiln Hood and Its Concreting Process to Rotary Kiln’s Production Efficiency

Source:Zhengzhou Taida     Time:2017-04-25    点击率:35

   The production efficiency of rotary kiln is highly relevant to the reasonable design and post installation. High-efficient and reasonable design is the premise of efficient production. Reasonable installation is base. These two conditions are effective methods to improve the production capacity of the whole equipment. The kiln hood mainly relates to the rotary speed of exhaust fan, open angle of the fan and the rotary speed of cooling fan. There are two kinds of situations where kiln hood will produce a certain amount pressure, which may cause danger. The pressure change of kiln hood reflects the situation change of the rotary kiln. Operator should adjust the machine in time according to real situation. After fully knowing the features to control kiln hood, operators can take corresponding measures. There are two main methods. Under negative pressure condition, if the pressure is boo big, decrease the rotary speed of exhaust fan at the kiln head or turn down the fan. Under positive pressure condition, increase the rotary speed of kiln head or turn up fan. According to the adjustment methods in these two conditions, operator must adjust fan no matter negative pressure or positive pressure.
  It is a very important technology to make the concentricity of cylinder while installing the rotary kiln. Here are some effective plans for your reference put forward by Taida professional engineers. Make good preparation for axil measurement of rotary kiln. Make a thorough clean for the sundries inner the rotary kiln in order to guarantee the security of operators. Make support bracket, coordinate paper, center hole stent, laser theodolite, ruler and etc. Set all the device well at proper places. In addition, there cannot be violent vibration at production and construction operation zone in case of affecting measuring accuracy.
   As one leading drying machine manufacturer in central china, Zhengzhou Taida Group holds rich experience in rotary kiln production. With years’ R&D, professional technical team in Taida has summarized many skills for improving industrial kiln furnaces production efficiency. If you have any problems about industrial kiln furnace, you can call us at 00886-18539990967 or send email to info@tdaxy.com.

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