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Why Zhengzhou Taida Can Survive Prosperously in Rotary Kiln Industry?

Source:Zhengzhou Taida     Time:2017-01-12    点击率:35

   Recently, the competition in rotary kiln industry has become more and more severe. Without reasonable plan, many factories cannot adapt to the development requirement in new times. Zhengzhou Taida group attaches much importance to solving problems faced by rotary kiln industry and adheres to innovation in order to promote the healthy development of rotary kiln industry.
   For breaking old and harmful traditions, Zhengzhou Taida group has developed new and advanced rotary kiln equipment with continuous innovation. Therefore, Zhengzhou Taida group, as famous rotary kiln factory in China, can survive for a long time. After times tests, professional technicians in Taida absorb experience from failure. Failure is not frightening. The reason why Zhengzhou Taida gets developed so rapidly is that we grow on the shoulder of failure.
  On the basis of successful experience, Zhengzhou Taida continuously create advanced and superior equipment. Taida has become a leading enterprise in rotary kiln industry. We adopt double-pressure system in rotary kiln equipment, which makes equipment work in a best condition. Accordingly, customers can realize energy-saving and cost-saving aims. Here is a specific introduction of Taida working process.
Taida Rotary kiln
   A small blower will send secondary air into cooling area which will make calcining part keep positive pressure. Double-pressure mainly controls the accuracy of primary and secondary air. At the top of rotary kiln. Hot waste air will be transferred to the part over calcining part. The range of air amount regulated is from 10% to 80%.
Times keeps changing and technology keeps stepping progress. The relevant technology of rotary kiln is keeping moving forward. Many customers which used our rotary kiln equipment give our products high evaluation which is superior quality, advanced technology, high output, high efficiency and continuous innovation. It is continuous innovation along times that Zhengzhou Taida can outstand in so many rotary kiln factories.  

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