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Zhengzhou Taida Rotary kiln Feeding Skills

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  With development of China, rotary kiln equipment has been widely applied to more and more industries. But, looking through whole Central Plains, there is few reliable rotary kiln manufacturer. After many years innovation and development, we have accumulated rich experience and mature technology, which can help customer save energy consumption and get higher output capacity.

rotary kiln equipment manufacturer

   During operation of the rotary kiln, operator should not blindly feed. There are certain methods and techniques for feeding the rotary kiln. When temperature of rotary kiln raises to 900 °C, rotary kiln will switch to the circulating storage position. In this process, the kiln tail feeding system group, the raw material homogenizing library unloading system, and the inflation system should be started. Then, the clinker is started to be transported into the clinker storage organization system: the clinker conveying system is started 15 minutes before the feeding, and the feeding stage can be rotated and sent to the yellow material storage. Start the clinker cooling system group and pay attention to start the grate cooler cooling system 15 minutes before the feed. The rotary kiln starts feeding, pay attention to correctly open the electric three-way 1503: feed the electric three-way 1503 to the raw material feeding into the kiln tail preheater direction; the initial feeding amount can be set to 120t/h; correct adjustment of the kiln head and kiln tail The amount of coal injected by the burner prevents clogging caused by improper coal addition, and the oxygen content of the control chamber is about 2%. The next step is to start the exhaust gas treatment group of the grate cooler: after the feeding, the clinker generally enters the grate cooler about 30 minutes, and according to the position of the red material in the grate cooler, the cooling fan damper is opened in turn; the air volume is adjusted to maintain the negative pressure of the kiln head- 30Pa and go to automatic control. After the third wind and air temperature reaches 600 °C, start the decomposing furnace feed coal system group: start the burner, the third damper is fully open; reasonably control the amount of coal fed by the decomposition furnace.
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