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Used Active Carbon Regeneration Furnace Loaded to Peru For Gold Extraction

Release time:2020-11-04 09:56:02

  Taeda has been specialized in R&D of activation carbon production equipment for many years. We have gained rich experience and successful working sites. At present, our continuous used active carbon regeneration furnace has been widely applied in China, Azerbaijan, India, Indonesia, Korea and Southeast Asia. In these area, customers give high recommendation to our AGK continuous regeneration furnace. Besides water purification, gas purification and decoloration, active carbon is also widely applied for gold extraction industry.  

regeneration kiln furnace

  This Peru customer comes from gold extraction industry in which large amount of used active carbon produced. New active carbon purchase will require large amount of new investment. Therefore, in order to save cost and recycle waste, customer looks for reliable used active carbon regeneration furnace through website. From preliminary communication to final contract settle, it only costs about one month which greatly improves Taeda’s profession and customer’s urgent demands for regeneration furnace. Before delivery, we shoot vides to explain detailed installation and operation guidance for customer. We believe that this set of regeneration furnace will be Taeda’s new milestone in Peru.

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