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TDICA0.6 Model External Heating Rotary Kiln Delivered to Chile For Calcining Graphite

Release time:2021-10-11 03:41:33

  Taeda TDICA model rotary kiln is a kind of external heating furnace. Raw materials will not contact with hot air directly. Its working temperature ranges from 900 to 1000℃. Attracted by its heating mode and heat resistant performance, Chile customer signed purchase contract with us through times communication.

external heating rotary calcining kiln furnace

  The one shown in the picture is TDICA0.6 model external heating kiln furnace customized for Chile customer to calcining graphite powder. By adopting SS314, TDICA0.6 can resist to 1150℃ working temperature. As required by customer, demanding residence time is 2 hours. Combining material bulk density, working temperature and residence time, we customized this set of TDICA calcining furnace. 
  Whole set equipment has been loaded on trunk and will be shipped to Chile by Container at Port. Customer will TDICA external heating furnace for pilot run. Once production smooth, they will extend production scale and purchase larger model. Fore more details, please follow us or contact us for communication.   

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