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Cement Production Line

Release time:2017-11-30 07:42:14
By mixing and crushing limestone, clay and iron ore powder, clinker will be formed. Raw materials will be processed by many steps such as crushing, homogenization, preheating, decomposition, calcination and package.
cement production line 
Raw materials can be: limestone, silica, iron ore stone, copper slag and sandstone.
Process capacity: 200t/h
Cement Production Line Diagram
cement production line
Equipment configuration of cement production line:
Main equipment in this production line contain rotary kiln, mill, crusher, preheater and cooler. Among them, device which transfers limestone and clay into clinker accounts most of the production line. Rotary kiln is an indispensable device for cement production. Through professional control, all switch control can be controlled on computer screen. About 30% cost and labor force can be saved compared with traditional device. The correct structure and craft can guarantee precise quality, which makes great significance for reducing energy consumption.
                                                      cement kiln                       cement rotary kiln
                                              cement rotary kiln                                         cement rotary kiln

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