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Cement Rotary kiln Production Case in North Eastern Province

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Materials processed: cement clinker
Output capacity: 200 to 90000t/h
Equipment configuration: Elevator, cement mill, raw material mill, cement rotary kiln, dryer, monocular cooler and belt conveyor;

                                cement rotary kiln 

                                cement rotary kiln
Brief introduction of production:
The whole production can be summarized as two grinding processes and one cacination process. The calcination process: put grinded raw materials into rotary kiln; with the function of high temperature, raw cement will be processed into clinker. The rotary kiln produced by our company holds a certain inclination with horizontal level. The whole kiln body is supported by riding wheel. Also, there is catch wheel to control the movement of kiln body. Apart from main transmission, there is also auxiliary transmission device which can prevent the deformation of kiln body and drives kiln to move while power interruption. The kiln head and kiln tail adopt advanced technology, which can guarantee seal’s reliability. After installation, the equipment runs reliably and high process capacity. Production technology is divided into two types, wet type and dry type. The equipment can be designed and chosen according to customer’s specific requests such as quality of raw materials and output capacity.

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