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Advanced Living Garbage Disposal Rotary Kiln

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rotary kiln

rotary kiln

Aiming at wastes produced from food, Zhengzhou Taida Group developed new type rotary kiln to dispose living garbage which is with high moisture content, high oil content and severe pollution. Here are some features of Taida rotary kiln:
1.     Pyrolysis and gasification: secondary combustion; complete combustion; no black smoke;
2.     There is one automatic feeding belt conveyor at inlet mouth in order to pollution brought by manual operation;
3.     This machine adopts automatic control system, which can completely avoid pollution brought about by manual operation;
4.     It adopts imported diesel combustor with stable performance, quick temperature increase, less oil consumption, complete combustion, no secondary pollution and lower noise.
5.     Second combustion chamber adopts optimized design and high combustion temperature. The temperature of furnace can increase quickly. The flue gas will stay in the rotary kiln for less than 3 seconds. Excess air coefficient is 100%. It adopts vortex combustion mode which can greatly reduce the content of dioxin and carbon dioxide.
6.     This equipment covers less area;
This rotary kiln can comprehensively achieve harmlessness, reduction and stability with advanced technology and superior quality.

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