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Dust Collecting Problem of Cement Rotary Kiln

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Rotary kiln is complex industrial equipment. There is always a problem bothered to many customers. As per the dust collecting problem of rotary kiln, if the combustion is ideal, there will be less carbon black produced in the process. But, even if full combustion is achieved, hot flue gas will also bring out some matters which cannot be burnt. Therefore, we still need some dust collecting measures. Zhengzhou Taida group, as a unique rotary kiln manufacturer in central china, holds rich experiences about rotary kiln dust collecting problem. Here, we will explain you specifically.
1.     Matched with easy-burnt materials in order to reduce sintering temperature, improve quality of final products and reduce malfunction rates.
2.     If air exhaust allows, add exhaust air rate and increase temperature at rotary kiln end. Check the temperature of rotary kiln regularly, which will be beneficial for preheating and decomposition course.
3.     If rotary kiln allows, increase the rotary speed of rotary kiln and reduce the thickness of material layer. Speed up the chemical reaction and sintering speed of materials in order to achieve high work efficiency.
There are some common dust collecting measures:
1.     Wet dust collecting: adopts water bath dust collector or water film dust collector. Takes advantage of smoke with hydrophilcity and use water to scrub flue gas and collect dust;
2.     Centrifugal dust collecting: adopts various cyclone dust collectors; make use of centrifugal function to make dust precipitate;
3.     Inertial dust collecting: adopts inertial dust collecting equipment; takes advantage of inertia force action to separate smoke dust and flue gas;
4.     Filter dust collecting: set damper above the grate bed of grate cooler. Then, adopts bag filter to make dusty air pass through filtering layer. Takes advantage of functions of damper, absorption and diffusion to hold back dust particles
5.     Gravity dust collecting: let flue gas pass by gravity dust collecting device; takes advantage of gravity to make flue gas precipitate naturally;
6.     Electrostatic dust collecting: adopts various electrostatic dust collecting devices. Apply high pressure electric field in order to make dust particles precipitate.
 There are six dust collecting methods mentioned above. Which method is better or more suitable? We can design and select the best dust collecting solution according to each customer’s real situation. If you have any other problems relevant to dust collecting problem of industrial rotary kiln, you can call us at 0086-18539990967 or send email to info@tdaxy.com

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