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Hunan Ceramsite Sand Production Site

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As a professional industrial kiln furnace in China, Zhengzhou Taida can provide tailored rotary kiln machine for customers. Here are some pictures from our Hunan customer’s limetone kiln furnace site for your reference.
 ceramiste rotary kiln production line
ceremsite rotary kiln
Processed material: super fine limestone
Output capacity: 1-50t/h
Equipment configuration:
Main equipment contained in the ceramsite sand calcining production line: silo, dust collector, induced draft fan, rotary kiln, coal injection system, control cabinet.
Production situation:
Here is the production process: mining—crushing—storing—feeding—rotary kiln calcining—classifying for final products---stacking---transporting.

 Limetone is a kind of  product, with great strength. It is mainly used in building industry. It is a kind of environmental friendly product. It can be used as the replacement for natural silica sand, glass ball and metal ball. It holds good effect for increase the production of oil and natural gas. In a nutshell, the production process for the oil support agent, limestone can be summarized as crushing, batching, milling, ball-making, calcining, coal powder making machine, screening and packing, after being calcined, limestone can be used more widely, and holds better quality.

If you want to know more about rotary kiln production site, you can call us at 0086-18539990967 or send email to vp@tdaxy.com

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