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Practical Methods of the Maintenance of Belt Leather and Riding Wheel of Rotary Kiln

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In calcining industry, thermal performance of the belt leather and riding wheel of rotary kiln are not very good. After long work in high temperature environment and heavy load, the belt leather and riding wheel are always damaged seriously. It is a hard and complex work to maintain and repair rotary kiln, which will reduce the stable coefficient in the running process, even affect the output capacity and quality final products. Therefore, operators must follow strict rules to maintain regularly.
riding wheel and leather belt of rotary kiln
1、  Axial line of riding wheel doesn’t parallel with center line of rotary kiln, which is caused by the installation of riding wheel. Operators should adjust in time.
2、  Incorrect mesh of transmission gear will lead to serious abrasion of gear teeth. This problem is caused by the installation of pinion and big gear. Operators should recalibrate the center distance of pinion and big gear.
3、  Riding wheel deflects, which will lead to uneven abrasion. Operator has to change one of the bearing bush. Therefore, operators must replace the set of bearing bush
4、  There is gliding and uneven surface abrasion between belt leather and riding wheel. Operator should repair and match belt leather.
5、  Foundation sinking: the strength of foundation is not enough, which will cause vibration. After finishing the installation of rotary kiln, operator should install an observing panel on a foundation base. Observe the foundation settlement situation.
6、  Big abrasion of riding wheel and surface of belt leather, which will cause vertical displacement. Therefore, always keep lubrication contact surface between riding and belt leather.
7、  There is defect of the materials and structure of belt leather and riding wheel. Workers should pay attention to quality inspection for large casting works.
8、After a short-time stop, it may be a little difficult to start up. Generally speaking, it is caused by late operation which will lead to the bend of center line of rotary kiln. If the center line over bends, operator can rotate the rotary kiln about 180 degrees and make the bending part up and heat the bending part. When the temperature is too high, rotate the rotary kiln for a few turns and make the bending part stop at the top part.
 As a leading industrial kiln furnace manufacturer in central china, Zhengzhou Taida Group holds long history and rich experience. Professional engineer team has summarized up some practical methods for maintaining belt leather and riding wheel of rotary kiln. If you are interested in the maintenance of rotary kiln spare parts or you want to know more about rotary kiln equipment, you can send email to info@tdaxy.com and call us at 0086-18539990967.

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