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Malaysia Customer Investigates Gypsum Rotary Kiln

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  Gypsum is one of five major gel materials. It plays an important role in domestic economy. Also, gypsum is widely applied in many areas, such as building industry, building material, industrial mold, art model, chemical industry, agriculture, food processing and medical hair dressing. Therefore, gypsum is regarded as a major industrial raw material. The difference of desulfurized gypsum and common gypsum powder lies in physical ingredients. There is Silica, sodium oxide, calcium carbonate, calcium sulphate, limestone, calcium chloride, magnesium chloride and etc. compared with other gypsum powder, desulfurized gypsum is characterized by renewability, small particle size, stable composition, less harmful matters and high purity. Therefore, desulfurized gypsum gains great reputation in gypsum calcining industry because of its wide application.
gypsum rotary kiln manufacturer
  With rapid development of building industry, building gypsum demands increase greatly. With times changes and technology innovation, Zhengzhou Taida can well solve difficulties in transportation, drying, modification and application. By adopting innovated taida gypsum rotary kiln, physical moisture content can be effectively eliminated. This customer comes from a large-scale construction company which also involves in business of clay and ceramics. In order to get large quantity of gypsum efficiently, customer searched relevant gypsum rotary kiln manufacturer over internet. As a professional manufacturer, Zhengzhou Taida rotary kiln machine rank top on search engine page. Based on previous research on Zhengzhou Taida Group, Customer comes to our company for further investigation after overcoming many difficulties. Our technical team specifically explained customer about the superior performance and high output.
  If you want to know more about Taida gypsum rotary kiln, you can send email to info@tdaxy.com or send message to our whatsapp: +86-18539990967.  As a professional rotary kiln manufacturer in china, we are glad to provide you specific details about gypsum cement rotary kiln equipment. 

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