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Innovated Cement Kiln Technology from China Famous Kiln Manufacturer

Release time:2017-11-07 08:55:13

  In the calcination process of cement, there will be a great amount of harmful gas and dust produced. These harmful gas and dust will do much harm to human health. If exposed in this environment, people will be infected by respiratory disease.

cement kiln manufacturer in china

   After many generation’s technology innovation, Zhengzhou Taida Group, famous cement rotary kiln manufacturer in china developed new generation cement rotary kiln which is characterized by low energy consumption, high output quantity and superior quality. Taida latest cement kiln provides more convenience to dust collection. The whole calcining process is carried out in a total sealed environment, where flue gas can be discharged out from flue gas pipe of kiln top. Through dust collection and purification, Taida cement kiln can achieve harmless and no-pollution emission.
  In addition, Taida cement rotary kiln holds high automation level. Its feeding, dosing, air supply and ash discharging and other relevant process are controlled automatically by computer. Considering china national situation, the final effect will be the most important point instead of only concentrating on automation level.
  For the promotion of new technology of cement kiln, customers should consider conceptual problems. As a professional and historic cement kiln supplier in china, we will provide more and more superior quality products for customers from all over the world.
  As a professional cement kiln manufacturer in china, zhengzhou taida insists on continous innovation . we will provide more and more superior cement rotary kiln for different customers. if you are interested in Taida cement kiln, you can send email to info@tdaxy.com or call us at 0086-18539990967. 


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