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Moscow Customer Visits Taida for Biomass Carbonization Furnace

Source:Zhengzhou Taida     Time:2018-03-10    点击率:35

Raw material: hazelnut shell 
Output capacity: 1-2t/h 
Heat source: natural gas 
Main equipment: biomass carbonization furnace 

  In previous long time, customer from Moscow used static and traditional carbonization furnace which has no good carbonization effect. Owing to the high moisture of raw material and low quality of carbonized products. Through Taida website, customer is interested in our rotary type biomass carbonization furnace characterized by high carbonization efficiency, less labor force and good carbonized quality. 

biomass carbonization furnace

biomass carbonization furnace raw material

  Accompanied with Taida sales manager, he came to Taida factory for inpecting biomass carbonization furnace. customer carefully talked about the quality of the raw material, hazelnut shell. after briefly explaining working process of our carbonization production line, he feels satsified. Taida technical department customized a complete set of biomass carbonization and activation system for him. after hours' discussion, he thought that what we provide is definietely he wants. we both holds strong belief in our future cooperation. 
  For more details, please follow Taida carbonization furnace news! 

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