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Small Industrial Waste Incineration Rotary Kiln Delivered to Guangdong

Source:Zhengzhou Taida     Time:2019-10-30    点击率:35

 With the development of society and economy, our country gradually transfers development aim from fast speed to environment protection. Industry development cannot be put on sacrifice of environment. Disposal of industrial waste solids has become the urgent problem. Based on advanced experience at home and abroad, Zhengzhou Taida do continuous R&D on industrial wastes incineration rotary kiln. At present, Zhengzhou Taida industrial wastes incineration rotary kiln has been successfully applied to market. Even, some wastes are recycled and become useful resources after being disposed by Taida industrial waste incineration rotary kiln. 

industrial waste solid rotary kiln

 Zhengzhou Taida strictly follows national sustainable development aim and developed a set of industrial waste solids incineration rotary kiln. Attached with a picture of industrial wastes solids incineration rotary kiln delivered to Guangdong. 

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