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Sponge Iron Rotary Kiln

    Compared with vertical kiln, sponge iron rotary kiln holds more advantages like less pollution, less energy consumption, less labor force, high capacity and quick profit returning. Customers can reach productio aim in very short period and get investment cost back. Customers can also choose different kiln models based on required temperature and capacity. 

    Application:Mainly used in building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry, refractory materials, environmental protection and many other production industries.


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With Reasonable Design and Special Oxidation-reduction Principle
Sponge iron is a high-quality ore. It is eliminated by the principle of redox reaction and filtered by sediment removal. The dissolved oxygen content of pipes, boilers and circulating water can reach a reasonable value after water treatment. 

Flexible Heat Source Option
In sponge iron rotary kilns, shaft furnaces or other reactors, using coal, coke, natural gas or hydrogen, the iron ore or iron concentrate pellets are reduced at a low temperature below the melting temperature of the material and become porous product.  

Superior in Terms of Environment Protection and Capacity
In sponge iron rotary kiln, vertical furnace and other reactor, iron ore and other iron ore concentrates are reduced in low temperature condition and becomes final products with multiple holes.

Hold Special Calcining Structure
Taeda sponge iron kiln holds reliable seal structure, high mechanical performance, stable transmission, convenient operation and good calcining quality.

Working principle:


Sponge iron in rotary kiln moves from top to bottom, which includes the movement of the upper sponge iron caused by the volume contraction of the sponge iron during the calcination process and the whole kiln sponge iron caused by the discharge of the lower sponge iron. sports. If the sponge iron rotary kiln has a suitable expansion port, the effect of shrinkage on the decline of the sponge iron is very small. Therefore, the moving speed of sponge iron in the kiln is mainly determined by the amount of clinker discharged, which is the output. However, the movement speed of sponge iron must be adapted to the calcination speed of sponge iron, and the calcination speed is related to factors such as calcination temperature, gas velocity, heat transfer, sponge iron particle size, combustion particle size and other factors. The moving speed of sponge iron in the equipment varies with different situations, and its moving speed is related to exhaust air, kiln speed, resistance in the kiln, physical properties of materials, kiln diameter and heat exchange device in the kiln.

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Project case:
  • 回转窑生产现场

    Jinan Lime Kiln Production Line

    Attracted by lime rotary kiln manufactured by Zhengzhou Taida, Jinan customer purchased a whole set of lime rotary kiln calcining machine to fulfill final production aim.

    Raw material: Lime
    Output capacity:350t/d

  • 回转窑生产现场

    10TPH Russia Gypsum Production Site

    Gypsum for is with high moisture. For guaranteeing smooth feeding, there is a certain inclination of feeding end for gypsum kiln. Whole line contains burner, rotary kiln and exhaust disposal.

    Raw material:Phosphaste gypsum
    Output capacity:1-10T/H

Working parameter:
Model (m)DimensionMotor power (kw)Weight (t)
Diameter (m) Length (m) Slope (%)   Capacity (t/h)Rpm (r/min)
Φ2.5×40                2.5                  40                  3.51800.44-2.4455149.61
Φ2.5×50                  2.5                  50                  32000.62-1.8655187.37
Φ2.5×54                  2.5                  54                  3.52040.48-1.4555196.29
Φ2.7×42                  2.7                  42                  3.53200.10-1.5255198.5
Φ2.8×44                  2.8                  44                  3.54000.437-2.1855  201.58
Φ3.0×45                  3                  45                  3.55000.5-2.4775210.94
Φ3.0×48                  3                  48                  3.57000.6-3.48100237
Φ3.0×60                  3                  60                  3.53000.3-2100310
Φ3.2×50                  3.2                  50                  410000.6-3125278
Φ3.3×52                  3.3                  52                  3.513000.266-2.66    125283
Φ3.5×54                  3.5                  54                  3.515000.55-3.4220363
Φ3.6×70                  3.6                  70                  3.518000.25-1.25125419
Φ4.0×56                  4                  56                  423000.41-4.07315456
Φ4.0×60                  4                  60                  3.525000.396-3.96315 510
Φ4.2×60                  4.2                  60                  427500.4-3.98375633
Φ4.3×60                  4.3                  60                  3.532000.396-3.96375583
Φ4.5×66                  4.5                  66                  3.540000.41-4.1560710.4
Φ4.7×74                  4.7                  74                  445000.35-4    630849
Φ4.8×74                  4.8                  74                  450000.396-3.96630899
Φ5.0×74                  5                  74                  460000.35-4710944
Φ5.6×87                  5.6                  87                  48000Max4.238001265
Φ6.0×95                  6                  95                  410000Max5950×21659
Applicable material:

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