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Application of Aluminum Brick in Rotary Kiln Equipment

Source:Zhengzhou Taida     Time:2017-04-24    点击率:35

  In the process of calcining materials, refractory materials with good quality will be applied in order to prevent the damage caused by high temperature. Refractory bricks are used frequently in all production equipment. As one of refractory materials, aluminum brick holds its special advantages and applications.
  Aluminum brick material is mostly applied for the liner of rotary kiln. It is also applied to establish hot air furnace and other relevant furnaces. Owing to its excellent effect, its price is always higher than common refractory bricks. The temperature which aluminum brick can bear can reach more than 1700 degrees. In addition, this kind of aluminum materials and silicide bricks hold better ability to high temperature.
  To some extent, aluminum brick is characterized by anti-corrosion and anti-acid alkali performance. Owing to different texture used on each refractory brick, the performance of each refractory brick is different. Customers are supposed to choose refractory materials according to specific requests.
  Aluminum bricks can be applied to different parts of rotary kiln equipment, which leads to better high temperature resistance. In different installation and usage process of refractory bricks in different parts, aluminum can be regarded as a kind of effective and valuable refractory materials for its application and quality.

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