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Taida Group Gives Customers with Detailed Analysis for Bricklaying Operation of Ceramics Rotary Kiln

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There are many kinds of rotary kiln in china. Products produced by these factories are with different qualities. Many customers hold worries about bricklaying operation of ceramic rotary kiln. You may ask how to achieve qualified operation. Based on rich experience, professional engineers will provide you detailed explanations. In roasting production process, circular bricks or arch bricks locked in arch bricks. Chinese factories always call circular bricks as closing bricks.
 ceramic rotary kiln
   The upper half circle is semicircle arch. While the diameter inner the rotary kiln, choose arch stuffing method which is vault bricklaying method. Although the diameter inner the rotary kiln is less than 4 meters, choose support method to lay bricks and the lock stitch area is at the lower part of brick ring. As for the brick ring of rotary kiln, rider brick is better than closing brick. In order to guarantee the standard of brick seam thickness, lock stitch area is composed of bricks with different basis scale. The lock bricks wedged are called bulged lock bricks. The whipstitch of brick ring in lining brick should be very close to kiln shell or choose permanent lining. In addition, brick ring should be locked tightly, which means that gap between lock stitch area and brick ring and radiation thickness should be controlled in a certain standard. Therefore, majority of customers prefer to set specialized lock bricks. In order to guarantee smooth bricklaying operation of lock bricks and lock stitch area, customers prefer to choose splits.
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