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Zhengzhou Taida Provides Customers with Latest Rotary Kiln Technology with Innovative Attitude

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   Kaolin plays a very important role in ceramics, chemical industry, paper-making industry and coating industry. The demand for kaolin at home and abroad keeps improving greatly. Generally, before real application to relevant industries, kaolin must be calcined in rotary kiln equipment. However, the technology for developing kaolin should be improved. Therefore, kaolin resources are always wasted. At present, more and more enterprises attach much importance to the research and development of efficient equipment. The production technology of rotary kiln has stepped into a rapid development era, which also drives the development of enterprises that hold much demand to industrial finished product materials.
kaolin rotary kiln
   With the rapid industrialization of machinery industry, Taida group pays more and more attention to research of kaolin rotary kiln in order to improve the processing and production level. We can produce customers with various machines, ranging from single preheater to cooler. According to different output capacity and features of raw materials, we can help customers choose proper model. With the improvement of calcining technology, the quality of finished product is getting better and better, which will better apply to the production of various industrial raw materials.
  In order to realize efficient calcining of kaolin and upgrade rotary kiln equipment, Taida has manufactured a series of professional corollary systems, such as preheating system, high-temperature calcination and rapid cooling system. With the cooperation of complete kaolin production line consisting of crusher, screen and feeder, we can process various equipment with different sizes and get kaolin with high purity. Thus, the quality of finished products gets greatly improved owing to constant development and innovation of energy-saving technology and equipment. If you are interested in our rotary kiln equipment or you have questions about our equipment, please feel free to call us at 0086-18539990967 or send email to info@tdaxy.com

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