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How to realize large output capacity of lime rotary kiln with less energy consumption

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   Rotary kiln is characterized by large capacity, even incineration, less impurity and high activeness. It has been widely applied to the production of active lime. However, the liner of rotary kiln holds disadvantages of short service life and serious thermal loss. These problems have bothered relevant enterprises for a long time. Therefore, it is urgent to improve heat insulation effect and reduce energy consumption of lime rotary kiln. This article gives full explanation on damage and formulation in order to extend the service span and reduce energy consumption.
   The inclination of lime rotary kiln is 5%. The refractory materials of rotary kiln body will rotate along with kiln shell in the production process. With the force of inertness, pressure, erosive wear, flame shock and chemical corrosion, refractory bricks will crack. Large rotary kiln adopts heavy insulation to produce compound bricks. With the bonding strength of texture and insulating layer, long service life and insulating effect can be realized. Meanwhile, laying speed can also be improved.
Development of compound bricks
Homogenization alumina is main material for working layer of compound bricks in order to improve density and abrasion resistance of materials. In order to keep close fitting between refractory bricks and kiln shell in the rotation process and reduce glide, a proper amount of swelling agent should be added.

1.   The influence to volume by the adding small amount of swelling agent;
2.   The influence to compressive strength by adding small amount of swelling agent;
3.   The influence to heavy burn rate of working layer by adding small amount of swelling agent;

Integrated composite bricks can meet the requests of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and thermal insulation in limited thickness of bricks of lime rotary kiln. Meanwhile, the service span of liner in rotary kiln can be extended effectively. Accordingly, the running cost of rotary kiln can be reduced.
Adding swelling agent can make the volume change rate controllable, which improves the joint degree between liner and kiln shell and reduces the damage caused by relative movement.

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