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Sichuan Biomass Carbonization Furnace Delivery

Source:Zhengzhou Taida     Time:2019-09-16    点击率:35

  With the wide application of active carbon in water purification and other ranges, as necessary of activation process, biomass carbonization furnace has been gradually applied. Enclosed with a picture of biomass carbonization furnace customized by Taida Compamy for Sichuan Customer.
    It is widely known that Sichuan, hometown of Panda, is also hometown of Bamboo. Naturally, there are lots of by-products arising from Bamboo, like bamboo powder and bamboo shavings. As a useful biomass raw material, casual throwing will cause a waste of resource. Instead of littering, bamboo can be used as a very good source for biomass carbonization furnace. Sichuan Customer finds this opportunity to gain profits. He planned to start a carbonization activation production line with bamboo wastes. Then, active carbon produced can be widely applied to waste water purification and waste gas absorption.

biomass carbonization furnace

  Through internet, Sichuan customer realized that Taida is a reliable manufacturer for biomass carbonization and activation technology. He visited Taida at once. It is Taida profession and attitude that grasp customer’s heart. It is really a successfully biomass carbonization furnace negotiation. 

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