Specifications of dregs dryer machine


Specifications of dregs dryer machine

(1)Advanced drying process. high-temperature rapid drying process,high heat transfer coefficient,powerful hear efficiency,strong dry strength.

(2)The combination of high-speed stirring and air drying can fully dispersed the material.Thus greatly improving the contact area of material and the heat medium which is conducive to drying process.

(3)The machine uses a special scraper, avoiding the material sticking to the wall.

(4) Adapting to a wide range,simple operation,less maintenance,stable product quality.

(5) The machine is designed for drying bad residue class of materials .It has a variable angle of rotating blades and adjustable rotor speed.

(6) There is a wet material reflux layer of the upper body and the air dryerset up a

special mixers.

1.high quality ,better after-sale service

2.low malfunction, lower maintenance cost, low power consumption.

Specifications of dregs dryer machine
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