Different Cylinder Types for New Type Cement Rotary Kiln

New type cement rotary kiln is a kind of important equipment used for dry type production line. This machine plays a vital role in cement production. As the largest part in cement rotary kiln, its cylinder holds many kinds of types. Here are brief introduction of different cylinders.

cement rotary kiln
It is known that there are four main cylinder types which are straight type, hot end expanding type, cold end expanding type and two-end expanding type.
1.     Straight type
Straight type cylinder holds advantages of simple structure and less auxiliary parts (refractory bricks and other small parts). It is easy to maintain and manage. But it holds lower thermal efficiency. Also, its production capacity is lower than expansion type kiln.
2.     Hot end expansion type
This kind of rotary kiln enlarges heat transfer area and improves calorific value. This type machine can increase production capacity. It also holds some disadvantages such as lack of preheating capacity and high thermal loss.
3.     Cold end expansion type
This type can improve the capacity of cement rotary kiln. Wet type rotary kiln can also increase chains, decrease kiln temperature, decrease speed of tail gas, decrease air loss and improve exhaust gas utilization. After the expansion of cold end, it is easier for rotary kiln to connect with preheater.
4.     Two-end expansion type
This type rotary kiln can achieve better effect. It can not only improve preheating capacity of new type cement rotary kiln, but also improve calcining capacity. It is beneficial for improve production capacity. But, this kind of new type cement rotary kiln holds some complex structure. It needs many refractory bricks and auxiliary parts. Also, it is not convenient to maintain and mange.
Common new type cement rotary kiln cylinder are mentioned above. Different cylinders can achieve different effects. If you want to know more about model, price and quality, you can send us email  at or call us at 0086-18539990967.
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