Tips to Maintain Lime Rotary Kiln

  Lime rotary kiln is a kind of large equipment which is composed of many kinds of auxiliary machines. Each equipment holds different rotary mode and special function. Therefore, it is a very important and burdensome work to check each part of rotary kiln. Zhengzhou Taida group, as a very experienced rotary kiln manufacturer, can teach you how to carry out the maintenance of each parts of kiln.
lime rotary kiln
   Lime rotary kiln is mainly composed of cylinder, heat source, feeding system, discharge system and dust wiping system. Zhengzhou Taida holds mature technology and production capacity for these equipment. Therefore, operators should attach much importance to checking the performance, running and seal effect of these parts. It is a simple work to check feeding and discharging system. As long as there is no problem for lubrication and electricity, it is not necessary to pay much attention to these parts.
The cylinder and heat source are the most important parts of lime rotary kiln. The running of the whole equipment depends on these two parts. In addition, the connection part and welding part of cylinder cannot be neglected. For heat source, make sure that there is no blocking and fuels are conveyed normally. Just bear all the tips mentioned above and the whole running process can be continued efficiently.
   If you are interested in our rotary kiln or you have problems about our rotary kiln, just call our sales hotline: 00896-18539990967. Zhengzhou Taida group can provide you with complete service and products. You will find the product which meets your production demands. 
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