Taida Group Gives You Advice to Guarantee the Calcining Quality of Rotary Kiln

Cement clinker is produced by calcining process. The quality of final products affects the sales volume and economic profits. There are many elements which have impact upon the quality of final products. The reason why rotary kiln produced by Zhengzhou Taida can achieve high capacity and low cost is that Taida pays much attention to the following aspects:
1.     Selection of fuel types
The operation of rotary kiln system has much to do with quality of raw materials. When the ingredients of raw materials change, relevant operational parameters should be changed accordingly. Therefore, it is very important to guarantee the stability of raw materials in order to guarantee the good quality of final products. You can also improve the quality of coal powder.
2.     Feed quantity and rotary speed of rotary kiln
The amount of raw materials fed into the cement rotary kiln affects the calcining effect directly. The more raw materials enter the rotary kiln in a certain time, the thicker the material layer will be. Accordingly, raw materials cannot be calcined fully and the quality of final products will be affected. Therefore, raw materials should be fed into the rotary kiln evenly and control the rotary speed properly, which is beneficial for the content and activity adjustment of raw materials.
3.     Temperature of wind into the kiln
Increasing the temperature of secondary air can increase the temperature of flame accordingly. The combustion of coal needs air. Secondary air with higher temperature can bring higher heat than cold secondary air. The quality of clinker is mainly decided by burn-ability of raw materials and calcining of rotary kiln.
4.     Cooling system
There is cooling system in cement clinker production line. The cooling speed will affect the proportion of crystal and liquid phase. If the clinker is cooled gradually, almost all ingredients will become crystals. If the clinker is cooled rapidly, the formation of crystal will be limited and partial liquid phase will become glassy state. The fast cooling speed will make the crystal grow bigger. There is a certain request for the amount of liquid phase when clinker leaves out of the rotary kiln.
In conclusion, the quality of final products from rotary kiln can be guaranteed by aspects mentioned above. Taida Group can provide customers with various cement rotary kiln production lines with various models. Besides, professional workers from Zhengzhou Taida can offer customers with considerate installation guidance and commission. If you want to know more about our cement rotary kiln production line, please call us at 0086-18539990967 or send email to
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