What are the Specific Applications of Rotary Kiln Equipment?

   Generally speaking, rotary kiln is always applied to mineral matter calcining industry such as cement, lime, ceramic sand, titanium dioxide and etc. in fact, rotary kiln is also widely used to metallurgy industry. Rotary kiln equipment holds great ability at calcining work of metallic mineral, which lays a firm foundation for refinement in metallurgy industry.
rotary kiln
   Rotary kiln can carry out calcination and increasing quality for nonferrous and black metals such as iron, aluminum, copper, nickel, tungsten and chromium. In the production of aluminum metal production, rotary kiln will calcine aluminum hydroxide into aluminum oxide. In the process of steelmaking, rotary kiln equipment can be used for producing pellets used for blast-furnace iron making. Rotary kiln equipment is used for extracting tin and lead in chlorination volatilization roasting method.
   Rotary kiln equipment plays a very important role in beneficiation process. Rotary kiln equipment is used to magnetizing roasting process for lean ore in order to make weak magnetic of ore into strong magnetic, which is beneficial for magnetic separation. By taking advantage of rotary kiln equipment, useful mineral matters which are difficult to screen out can be separated out efficiently. Thus, the quality can be greatly improved and be used effectively. 
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